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Obviously, it was the striking bright blue dial that changed everything. It is easy to see that the rich blue hue forms a beautiful contrast with the smooth steel case and the sparkling white gold grooved bezel. In addition, blue sets the perfect stage full of blue baton marks, white text, red accents, and a really popular dial. The blue surface is exquisite, but it adds more personality compared to the watch, the silent white and black dials are also available with the white Rolesor Sky-Dweller. Initially, the cheap fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 26934 could only be installed on a sporty steel three-link Oyster bracelet. However, in 2021, Rolex added the gorgeous five-link Jubilee steel bracelet as an option.

The Caliber 9001 is one of Rolex's most complex modern movements, completely developed and manufactured in-house. The key feature of this Swiss ETA Movement is its ease of use, despite the complexity of what it offers. The local time is read through the traditional center pointer, while the second time zone is read through a small inverted triangle, which is located slightly off-center above the 24-hour disc. In addition to the traditional date window at 3 o'clock, the exact Rolex replica also provides 12 dial windows for the Sky-Dweller, next to the hour markers, the current month is indicated in red. Finally, one of the most impressive features of Caliber 9001 is that it is an annual calendar, which means that Sky-Dweller can distinguish months with 30 or 31 days. The wearer only needs to revise the watch's calendar once a year on March 1st, because the annual calendar cannot explain for leap years.

In the past few years, blue has been a very popular color for replica Rolex watches. When it upgraded the Submariner bezel to Cerachrom, the classic blue silhouette was brought to the next generation of fake watches. In addition, on the Batman GMT-Master II, Rolex decided to launch a new blue-black Cerachrom bezel, which made this watch very popular and established a waiting list at the dealer on the morning of the announcement. Don't forget the Yacht-Master II and its blue bezel, as well as its stainless steel and Everose Rolesor case and bracelet.

However, not all copy Rolex Blues are created equal. Smurf blue, Batman blue, Milgauss blue (Z-Blue) - they are all completely different. Although all of these are rich variations, the pigment is blue, we already know and love Rolex, they all have a very different appearance. The Rolex Sky-Dweller blue is cool, dark, and elegant. It has a steel-like quality that fits the case and the band. It is undeniable that the blue surface of this watch is excellent, and it will undoubtedly consolidate the ref. 326934 Sky-Dweller and become a collector's long-term favorite.

The official manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the high-end fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 blue dial is the $14,800 Oyster bracelet version and the $1550 Jubilee bracelet variant. However, similar to other popular Rolex replica watches, its value in the pre-owned market is much higher than this.

The Oyster bracelet version of the second-hand Sky-Dweller 326934 blue dial watch starts at about $29,000, which is about twice the original new price. In addition, it is not uncommon to sell second-hand the latest blue Sky-Dweller with a Jubilee bracelet on the UK secondary market for more than 35,000 US dollars! This is close to 2.5 times its average retail price. To bring these prices into context, the stainless steel and white gold Sky-Dweller with the blue dial is equivalent to the popular Rolex Daytona 116600LN with secondary market value.

This is so secret that grade AAA 1:1 Rolex Sky-Dweller has a slow beginning. Despite its sleek look, sophisticated mechanical design, and directly attracted the world's growing jet fleet, this watch was hardly appreciated when it was first released in 2012. This is mainly because it initially only offered 18k solid gold, which gave it a heavy price tag and also made it quite heavy on the wrist. But now, you can spend less money buying the luxurious Sky-Dweller watch from the Replica Watches UK online shop.

However, the addition of the white Rolesor Sky-Dweller, especially the addition of the blue dial, pushed the entire collection into the spotlight. The blue dial offers something different-abrasion resistance and attractiveness, luxurious but sturdy. This is everything that the Rolex Sky-Dweller did not show when it was first released in the UK. But I have to say it is the best one of Swiss Replica Watches with ETA movements.

The combination of stainless steel, 18k white gold and blue is obviously the magic weapon for the designer Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller. The demand for this watch shows no signs of slowing down. In just a few years after its release, the blue Sky-Dweller 326934 has become a real collectible and one of the most popular modern Rolex watches in the world.